trishpapadakos All combined. #lunch 4y
  •   shawnamawna I love the bowl! 4y
  •   althiban Looks tasty !!! 4y
  •   giovanareidenbach What r those round things? Next to the fork. @trishpapadakos I can't tell if they are beets... 4y
  •   trishpapadakos @giovanavh Yes, they're baby striped beets. :) 4y
  •   giovanareidenbach Never mind just saw the next picture and you describe they r beets! Anyway, I learned a new trick that you probably would enjoy: when cooking the beets, instead of boiling them, place the beets (whole w the skin, just take the stalk off) on tin foil and wrapp them and place in oven safe dish and bake for 50 min (depending the size) or until they r tender! It's unbelievable they come out perfect dark red and the skin comes off easily. After that I cut and marinated w olive oil and vinegar, but you can use whatever you like! I put in the fridge to cool off and it taste so good and you don't lose any vitamins!!!! 4y

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