aquacat After dinner. "Oh, I don't want to move an inch. Hey, Aquacat! Take me to the bed right now!" (-_-;) 2y
  •   aquacat @ikhsha21 Haha. I think you like the floor. ;) 2y
  •   aquacat @doodlecats Jiwan says "It's a good idea! And I got a better idea. Hey Aquacat, bring the bed and my dinner here!" 2y
  •   polyanacca With such a beatiful cat and floor, no wonder the photos always look so good! 2y
  •   dominocats いつもキリッとしてるJiwanなのに 可愛い 2y
  •   angiechaneypoo Cute 2y
  •   summersecret 복시르복시르 지와노사우르스~침대에 올려놓으면 베개로 트랜스폼할것같아요 ㅎㅎ 2y
  •   dayjumba Aw! What a cutie! 2y
  •   glo_z My cat usually picks this position too!!! So cute! 2y

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