johncff My piano. A Yamaha UX-3 4y
  •   marijkem Lovely perspective! Are you a trained artist? 4y
  •   johncff @marijkem thanks! naa I'm just an amateur XD but I'm better trained in classical guitar. I also play drums, violin, and saxophone. 4y
  •   marijkem That's amazing! What about visual arts? Your photos are lovely @johncff 4y
  •   johncff :'D thanks!! U made me look at my photos wondering "really?!" XD I just like arts and literature. I'm only in high school. A few last steps before college :) my photos might be nice probably is because that I think I'm never too casual to "publish" anything. So these are my best, and thanks for taking a look at them. XD 4y
  •   johncff Wait... I forgot to mention u @marijkem 4y
  •   marijkem @johncff that's a great strategy! My bachelor's degree is in art (painting and drawing but I love photography too) and you definitely have potential! Keep it up! 4y
  •   johncff @marijkem thank you :) I should consider photography in college that's to come... 4y
  •   marijkem Yes! 4y

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