theodorekaye Making out by the Komosomolskii lake 3y
  •   diekespinosa So lovely! 3y
  •   mcdyay I though in their Country are not suppose to do that? 3y
  •   theodorekaye They're in a secluded area near an abandoned outdoor swimming pool. Even in the most conservative places, people find a way to get together. And it's not *that conservative here, especially in the city. @mcdyay @aslaraseesit 3y
  •   mcdyay Icic....:) actually thinking of make a 3y
  •   mcdyay this country... Safe? Worth it? Expensive? 3y
  •   carmelius Love and colours exist too in your world! What a wondwerful new! 3y
  •   theodorekaye Totally safe (except for in terms of roads and natural disasters and corrupt police); expensive getting here and away. Def worth it for me. Feel free to email me via my website if you want more info. @mcdyay 3y
  •   mcdyay Cool!!! Will email you later...:) 3y

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