drakeharper SPRING SALAD • Market Lettuces • Cucumber Radish Fava Beans • Green Goddess 4y
  •   brookealexandratv If you have an iPhone, get Pro HDR. It takes the most amazing food pictures. :) 4y
  •   drakeharper @chefbrooke - I do have an iPhone 3Gs, is that an app? 4y
  •   brookealexandratv It is. It takes an underexposed pic and an overexposed pic and blends them together creating amazing color and depth. It is great for food which is so hard to photograph.  4y
  •   brookealexandratv It's pretty much greet for everything...best dollar you'll spend ever.  4y
  •   drakeharper @chefbrooke - Alright, I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip. Check out the hypem app for sweet music. What is your food specialty? 4y
  •   brookealexandratv Nice. Will do. I am an Certified Natural Chef. I specialize in fresh, local, seasonal, organic type fare. I prefer Farmer's Markets for produce and small local farms for meat when possible.  4y
  •   brookealexandratv Oh yeah, and healthy of course! 4y

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