hangthejury My little guy has to have breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. He doesn't have asthma but his chest is inflamed so this is what the doctor ordered. Can't wait til he's up to par again! #sick #kids #kidstagram #ig_kids #instagrammers #instagood #igers #instagram #webstagram #igdaily #ig #iphone 2y
  •   tsmokestree Get better Lil dude 2y
  •   hangthejury @tsmokestree thanks man! I hope he gets better ASAP! 2y
  •   mely1087 Hope he gets better! He looks so 2y
  •   mely1087 Old here. 2y
  •   hangthejury Thanks @mely1087 the doctor prescribed him a steroid called prednesone or something to help open his airways and he had his first dose last night. It's already made the world of a difference and my lil guy is finally starting to feel better! 2y

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