lawni Bloonies <3 3y
  •   berrygunes Is that from the science museum? They're awesome! 3y
  •   lawni @berryjamjar no it's like some goo thing you put on a straw & you blow it up & it turns into a ballon looking thing! :3 3y
  •   berrygunes Yeahhhh! It squeezes out a tube, right?! They have them in the science museum. :3 3y
  •   lawni @berryjamjar yeah my brother got it at a store tho. (: 3y
  •   berrygunes Awesome! Have fun with it ahaha x] 3y
  •   lawni @berryjamjar yes mame! ^_^ 3y
  •   justinhauber I love all your pics ! Can I have a shoutout ? @lawni 3y

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