•   debs42_ud Thanks @julieweiss69 :-) 4y
  •   antzpantz1968 Wow! Great shot and edit! Hey I know that place ;) lol 4y
  •   debs42_ud @antzpantz1968 Thanks! Thought you would! :-). Pity they put a cyclone fence around it. 4y
  •   antzpantz1968 Have they really? I haven't been up there for a little while. I found the last time I was up there also, that many of the trees haven't been maintained and the beautiful view is now obscured by over growth, it's a bit disappointing considering it's a peninsula tourist attraction 4y
  •   debs42_ud @antzpantz1968 We were there yesterday and you're right. It's not what it used to be. I love the entrance and old door to that tower but...it's all closed up. 4y
  •   kimsha100 Superb shot 4y
  •   debs42_ud Thank you @kimsha100 4y
  •   ig_addict_ud Great angle 4y

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