thatchicklc inshallah I get better I need all of this right now #lonely #bathtub #note #personal #love #starbucks #sick #fuckmylife 3y
  •   thatchicklc Oh @antgotsole I was hoping you had something nice to say...then again, i was just hoping.... 3y
  •   dmvsneakers That sucks I hope you feel better. I hope you get all those things. Everyone deserved to be pampered when sick 3y
  •   thatchicklc @eaglesandheat unfortunately, I'm not getting any of these things tonight 3y
  •   dmvsneakers Sry . I just got a soft spot for ppl that's sick. If I knew u you would had the tea and bath stuff you wanted. Hopefully someone nice enough to hook you up 2night @thatchicklc 3y
  •   thatchicklc @antgotsole haha well a little...& @eaglesandheat thank youuuu 3y

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