thatkidkevindroniak Found a $5 bill stuck on a stick over a river today! #dollar #5 #usa #america #money #river #cool 3y
  •   dzarithmiersya Follow back? Please :/ 3y
  •   markelllaaa I found a $20 at sugarloaf! 3y
  •   kharkiv Може ей кто подтерся и там оставил? ;)) 3y
  •   maggsyooo IG bf? (: 3y
  •   heather_lyons I found a 20 Diller bill under a table! :D 3y
  •   thatdudebobsaget0000 Oh yea, you found it. It's not like you put it there 3y
  •   victorromvn Hey S4S please?:( I really need one cause ever since I got an ig its been a wild dream of mine to be on the popular page and have alot of followers:( but I such at life and I try really really hard to get but I just can't:(( I feel like I'm gonna kill myself cause ill never be popular like you:( please help me please!:(( youll be my hero and ill always remember you and you'll be my savior :( please consider giving me a shoutout please:( @thatkidkevindroniak 3y
  •   anniefuller595 64 3y

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