rikkisixx "What's your favourite scary movie?".....I think mine is a tie between Aliens (a sequel ) Evil Dead 2 (another sequel ), and Child's Play. Share with me and each other  3y
  •   vaderslittleprincess Its just something i read somewhere thats gonna probably happen in 2013 hopefully. I don't know who's playing Ash but I think the director is Fede Alvarez 3y
  •   rikkisixx @jkole_89 I really gotta look into this haha I think if done by the right people this may just work.. 3y
  •   rikkisixx @jkole_89 on second thought I don't think anyone could replace Bruce Campbell...to do so would be blasphemy! 3y
  •   jacobtheewok Mine is Friday The 13th & Scream 3y
  •   rikkisixx @tihammer Friday the 13th  ....what is it about Scream that you liked so much? I love @robhimself 's review on the series above lmao 3y
  •   jacobtheewok Its a smart horror film, it has a balance between realism and scary! 3y
  •   rikkisixx @tihammer nice! Totally agree with you on that man! 3y
  •   vaderslittleprincess @rikkisixx I was about to say I don't think you can replace him lol. I love evil dead 2 3y

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