preprint Only recently installed #befree but this has happened already #streetart #brunswick #melbourne #melbournestreetart #igersmelbourne detail 3y
  •   rachemrage It really bothers me when I see things like that. Some street art near me got defaced only after a few days. Such a shame to mar such great and unique work! 3y
  •   raff66 @rachemrage some people just don't have an appreciation for art. I'm seeing it more & more often around the place  3y
  •   preprint @rachemrage it's a shame that it can happen so quickly. Watching a work transform on its out with the wear and tear of the elements is somewhat beautiful but when it gets defaced so quickly it does feel disappointing 3y
  •   squidmonkeyinstitute So silly, their handwriting tells me a lot about their mad street art skills.. 3y
  •   preprint @squidmonkeyinstitute most definitely... 3y
  •   rachemrage @squidmonkeyinstitute @raff66 I agree! At least there are great people like @preprint and @theseriousclown taking great photos of street art to preserve how it's supposed to be in its true form. Maybe soon people will start appreciating street art for what it really is: ART! I've got great respect for what you two do! 3y
  •   preprint @rachemrage thank you for your kind words. I love street art and sharing via photography the great work out there is an absolute joy 3y
  •   theseriousclown @rachemrage thank you, but it's really @preprint who captures the life of streetart in Melbourne 3y

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