caygraylomomma Big sister is home for a few days and little sis, isn't letting her go. #stinkerbell #smartgirl 4y
  •   2wildthings_mama Melts my heart. Love love love.... 4y
  •   caygraylomomma @rockymountaingirl I know. I love how she holds on with everything she has. 4y
  •   caygraylomomma @mynaburd @javinsmama I was always worried because I wanted her to have a sister. Between #smartgirl joining our family and @bumblingbav 's girls, she has all the sister love she could ever need. 4y
  •   donnabella2 Aww so nice 4y
  •   2wildthings_mama @caygraylomomma That is so awesome. Boogie is the same way when his sister is here but b/c we have joint custody, it's not all the time and my heart breaks a little every time she leaves and he cries. Hubbs and I have been trying for a few years for another but we might need to look into adoption soon... 4y
  •   caygraylomomma @javinsmama we've had nine kids from all over the world come live with us over the years. They all come and are taken in to the family. Some we have lost touch with, but four are our kids from other parents. Even though they have moved out and moved on, they keep coming home and they always know wherever we are, they are home. 4y
  •   2wildthings_mama I knew you were amazing as soon as I "met" you...I love that! I love that those beautiful kids have a home- forever. 4y
  •   caygraylomomma @javinsmama aw joy such kind words. I think though I've just been blessed with getting to raise some amazing humans, both from me and borrowed from others. 4y

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