maddigrahamm Done (: hehe!!! I love painting my nails 4y
  •   ayyjenni Could you like mail me your feet? I want your feet xD 4y
  •   eightletterlullaby @callmemrshoran STILL NOT THE ONLY ONE 4y
  •   rawheid Cutest feet on the planet! My lil girl! Hah.. I just got all choked up thinking about your tiny little toes the day you were born. Sheesh time goes too fast. Anywho.. My dear.. I LOVE this shot... The polish resembles the pebbles sonehow and it all looks so nice together, topped off with those adorable feet. :) 4y
  •   madshots @bodygoodies. Oh my god mom. seriously dude?! 4y
  •   rawheid Yep. Seriously dude. @madshots 4y

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