pghdsk8 Chillin with Tylon 2y
  •   diewies Whoa! Droc! 2y
  •   pghdsk8 How's Cali?! @diewies 2y
  •   diewies Pretty rad ;) Hows PGH @pghdsk8 ? I should be there for a visit at the end of August ;) 2y
  •   pghdsk8 I left da burgh 3 years ago @diewies. I live in Denver, CO...trying to get to SF/Sac by next summer for a visit. Let's stay in touch! 2y
  •   diewies Shut up?! Dang! Thaf 2y
  •   diewies Whoops lol... sorry about that I didn't know you had last that long ago! Almost the same amount of time that we've been gone! We should definitely stay in contact @pghdsk8, you should tell me how the burlesque scene is in Denver Colorado... 2y

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