cwoobmomma Ugh! Sewing needle fail! That was my last one too. now I have another 1/2 finished project that I'll finish God know when! 2y
  •   lunaflectco Can't tell you how many times this happened to me 2y
  •   cwoobmomma @madebylunaflect normally I'd just change it and move on. But this was my last one, so...that sucks. 2y
  •   cookieemomster Oh man I'd love to learn to sew 2y
  •   lunaflectco One night I had to rush to the store to get more. So expensive.. 2y
  •   cwoobmomma @rachelanjoli I only make easy to sew projects. I am, well was, making a tag 'blanket' for Penny. Super easy. My hardest project was an apron. I'll post pictures. @madebylunaflect they sure are but if its something big or time consuming it beats the alternative (hand sewing) 2y

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