•   omgalfie Epic 4g. Upgrade August 1st 4y
  •   shannonnicole_1 Yeah that first epic crappy. Touch wiz is wayyy better now. @omgalfie 4y
  •   flatbedtwuan I got it already its really not a bad phone 4y
  •   shannonnicole_1 @twuanboi what do u have? 4y
  •   omgalfie Nah this phone was never crappy. And I've used the galaxy 2.. just not feeling touchwiz anymore. And that sense 4.0 camera is shitting on everything. Sold me. 4y
  •   shannonnicole_1 @omgalfie yes it is we have ppl complain about that one almost everyday for real 4y
  •   omgalfie That's fine I like mine its just time for something different. TouchWiz got boring. Sense is much more robust atm. 4y
  •   flatbedtwuan The ONE 4y

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