automaticsam Way to take an epic 2.5 hour nap kiddo. Mama is proud. #Hipstamatic #KaimalMarkII #Blanko #Dreampop 4y
  •   sarahsmiles That pretty much rocks. 4y
  •   pocketsofroses Uh. Jealous. My kid is an hour past nap time and running around like the energizer bunny! 4y
  •   founditmadeit He's so handsome, you're really good at baby-makin'. 4y
  •   hereat701 Those are the most amazing days when that happens... Very rare around here. 4y
  •   karyncraig I love when that happens. But it's usually when I have somewhere to go after he wakes up. Never when I decide to take a nap with him. 4y
  •   automaticsam @hotbotbaby Right? Why did he tell me before hand. That's a whole movie, or a great nap, or I could have cleaned the whole house. 4y
  •   hiandhelloblog Holy awesome! 4y

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