themitchallen Laugh now jerkoffs, i wont be inviting you onto my new boat. #thepriceisright #priceisright #drewcarey 3y
  •   lightiswhite Stop it. 3y
  •   feliciasf I ain't laughing 3y
  •   xcrystal Lucky 3y
  •   nikkilourdes ! You're next door to my office! Hope you get picked! 3y
  •   themitchallen @nikkilourdes unfortunately they didnt pick any of us but they did sit us front row so we got plenty of air time. Where do you work? 3y
  •   jamesofthejungle @mtchalln the choose people based off the little interview the give outside. You should have acted ridiculous 3y
  •   themitchallen @jamesofthejungle yeah yeah. The casting director was just a hater. 3y
  •   nikkilourdes Haha awesome! I work at an advertising company called the antfarm. Its located at the grove above the children's place! Prettttty cool if I say so mahselfs. 3y

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