coxdaniel Pic from my old phone #gym 2y
  •   joesphanthony @coxdaniel Hi are you on a social network called 2y
  •   coxdaniel No im not @joesphanthony why what is that? 2y
  •   joesphanthony @coxdaniel Hi You can upload all photos of your diets and workouts and follow other people's diets and fitness routines who have the same goals as you from all over the world .You share tips and follow people for tips. It also has a free iPhone app. It's really cool. Would love to follow you on there. 2y
  •   jessdrew07 Very nice 2y
  •   coxdaniel @jessdrew07 thanks you i'm on my way not happy yet. Really like your pictures 2 looking real nice! 2y
  •   zama.ris Very sexy @coxdaniel 2y
  •   coxdaniel Thanks @zamaris24 ! 2y

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