lucers Trip 3y
  •   lucers @langrekke Tussen takk! I've got Paul Auster's New York Trilogy to read on the train. I'm almost done City of Glass 3y
  •   ninamhm Aw, how nice! Shared mental space I finally finished The Wind Up Bird Chronicle last night. Too little time to read. Kids and chores. Joar (hubbie) is taking over at home the 16th, can't wait. I've been home for a long time now 3y
  •   jenniplease Have fun! 3y
  •   lucers @11110033 Thanks! 3y
  •   lucers @langrekke Did you like it? I love his writing and the big long one is next on my list. That's great! Good to switch things up. Will you be going out to work or working from home? I remember you had applied for a new job… 3y
  •   ninamhm The New York Trilogy is the one who made him famous, but my personal favorite from Auster is Moon Palace. Or did you mean Murakami? Yeah, but not as much as my brother liked it (he's a famous literary critic here in little Norway). He has it on his top ten. I didn't enjoy the historical parts that much. Took part of my reading motivation away too. Looking forward to read more of him, though. Like the philosophical aspect. No job yet, I'll freelance. 3y
  •   kauffy @lucers love this 3y
  •   lucers @kauffy Thank you! 3y

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