lucers Hamilton fairy tale 3y
  •   jenniplease @lucers ok, now I'm understanding the source of your gorgeous walking pictures. I thought you were based in Toronto and there was some untouched area is never seen. 3y
  •   jenniplease *i've never seen 3y
  •   lucers @11110033 Haha. I am in Toronto quite often but most of my nature pics are Hamilton, yes! Waterfalls are all over the Escarpment, I wish the really pretty ones were slightly closer by—I'd visit them more often. They aren't hard to get to, though. 3y
  •   jenniplease @yogashoulder Doug, can we go? Please? Pleeeeeease? 3y
  •   yogashoulder Yeah I'm totally down! I have some 3y
  •   yogashoulder @11110033 I have some 3y
  •   yogashoulder Pictures on instagram of joe and Beth and I exploring some Hamilton waterfalls/greenspace. I'd love to go back. 3y
  •   jenniplease @yogashoulder sweet. Hey, I know you're on the road so no worries, but it you have time/access can you send me our itinerary to date. Have fun Doug! 3y

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