kendallschmidt "Gilbert" 2y
  •   julii_rusher aww ! 9mon
  •   _kendallschmidtoficial_ Aw Gilbert is Beautiful and cute! 8mon
  •   debbiejcp Que hermoso!!! :-) 8mon
  •   tswizzle13kendalllover111 Goodnight Kendall!! I love u!! So I went to my last AVS basketball game today. It was pretty depressing. But fun too. And then my mom told me that a good amount of my cousins aren't coming to my birthday party on Sunday and now I'm all sad bcuz I was really looking forward to seeing them. So yeah. Anyway, goodnight Kendall. I love u. Sweet dreams baby. Luv Spider-Man 6mon
  •   bigtimervsh hay 3mon
  •   bigtimervsh i kinda stalked you bae (; 3mon
  •   _taz16_ GILBERT I REMEMBER HIM 3w
  •   valeriarusherchile Yo tuve un patito :(((( 2w

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