kisclothing Rocking the white hoodie #calibased #keepinitsexy #bowling #fresh 2y
  •   denzeljward Hahaha you guys make sure you get these pictures haha. Makes sure you let me know when the tanks and Beanies are about to drop. 2y
  •   kisclothing @denzeljward haha u already know bro whenever we see someone with our stuff on we show the world ! And those are in the making as we speaks :) 2y
  •   denzeljward I feel it hahaha. When I saw it I was like "ha bros be on these pictures good stuff" 2y
  •   denzeljward Yeah I'm excited for those tanks and beanies that's gonna be my summer wear real talk lol 2y
  •   kisclothing @denzeljward fosho bro well we going to try to make those spins with this design and a new one 2y
  •   denzeljward I'm getting both! Haha 2y

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