nodirectioncasa On the beer menu: Voodoo Donut Bacon Maple Ale, Stone 13th Anniversary, & Hair Of The Dog. What should I try first? 3y
  •   jen_snowqueen Oh my goddddd 3y
  •   imhoopi Bacon maple ale 3y
  •   mattyoconnell I'm with B. voodoo is the tits! 3y
  •   johnnyquest661 Stone is the shit regardless but I'd go by @betoisonfiire judgement 3y
  •   mgmua Uh how can I get one of the voodoos into my hands in ny?? 3y
  •   nodirectioncasa Drinking the Stone right now. It's pretty fucking good! 3y
  •   betoisonfiire You're making me wanna snap my growler of Stone's "Smokey Indian" it's 80/20 IPA+Smoked Porter. Aslfjakfk! 3y
  •   mars_ransom Rogue beer was made in my home town ... ha 3y

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