ohjoy this is happening now... 4y
  •   skippee you're so lucky! can't remember the last time i had yummy oysters! 4y
  •   isabel9thlp I love oysters!! 4y
  •   dodgerdash My fav! We go to church and state on Tuesday's for oyster night. 4y
  •   peacockhead @lyndzeeofep try them w Tabasco and a shot of chilled vodka and you'll convert. The oyster bar at Harrah's (random for sure) is great. 4y
  •   amandabouzakine Nice! I had oysters tonight too! 4y
  •   heyamyton @dodgerdash whaaaat?? Church and state has oyster night?! 4y
  •   sylkang So lucky!! 4y
  •   dodgerdash @swttangerine yes ma'am :) Tuesday's! But if you live on the east side and you're willing to shuck em yourself fish king in Glendale has amazing oysters! (and sooo cheap!) 4y

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