dayzdandconfuzd "As soon as man does not take his existence for granted, but beholds it as something unfathomably mysterious, thought begins." -- Albert Schweitzer. #iphone , #iphoneography , #almostdslr , #juxtaposer , #snapseed , 4y
  •   nycfilmgirl Found your work through Konstruktivist... Just beautiful!! I love the quotes and your work! 4y
  •   dayzdandconfuzd @nycfilmgirl11 -- Thank you very much! I appreciate your enthusiasm and kind words. I'll check your feed out soon ( when I'm not running all over town! ) 4y
  •   ignatio67 Great words.. Excellent shot. Again! 3y
  •   abaa Great gallery! Your work is very impressive!! 3y
  •   dopez ¡ WOWERFUL !! tremendous in scale of comp, beauty and story. master class in mmm mmmood!!! 3y
  •   haamiahangel_angela_ Amazing gallery, beautiful pictures that creep slightly into the soul! 3y
  •   dayzdandconfuzd @haamiahangel A very nice compliment! Thank you. 3y
  •   haamiahangel_angela_ ;-) you're welcome! 3y

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