•   bdoods That's it.. Gotta copy you and dress up Bentley so I can laugh all day! 2y
  •   carlyeunice How fast can he type:) 2y
  •   amandafailla This is so funny.. Is this a human shirt/tie or really for a dog?? I sent this to my bf and said hudson needs to dress like that!! Hahah 2y
  •   clkamm What a little gentleman :-) 2y
  •   saracuda Is he hiring? 2y
  •   ralph_e_doodle @amandafailla87 It's my husband's old stuff! Crazy that they're close to the same size!!! @englishwoman He sure is (most of the time!) 2y
  •   baileyshreves he is so photogenic ! our five year old Maggie hates the camera ! 2y
  •   montywelsh Wot no pants ? :) 2y

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