merkalee I decided to do this month's #Disneyland photo a day challenge. Day 1: #CaliforniaScreamin - this is 2008 when the #Mickey was still there :) #dlphotoadaymay #disneygram #californiaadventure #dca #disneylandresort 3y
  •   vadergirl75 Great edit! 3y
  •   merkalee Thanks @vadergirl75 :) 3y
  •   videotrinkets Nice pic. Any idea why they put the cover on the coaster? 3y
  •   merkalee @videotrinkets I had absolutely no idea. So... I looked it up. Those are "scream tubes" and we're designed to deflect screams during the most thrilling portions of the ride so that the noise is not as bothersome to the residents of Anaheim that would otherwise be subjected to loud, regular screaming. Whaddya know - you learn something new every day! 3y
  •   videotrinkets @merkalee huh! Scream tubes, very interesting. I thought the screen was on the way up so people can't see anything during the climb to build the thrill and then on the decent reveal everything. (you're funny ..."regular screaming") thanks for looking into it. 3y
  •   merkalee @videotrinkets My first thought was that they were there to screen the outside world form the riders and direct their attention into the park. Disney loves to be all immersive like that. But then I noticed that there were plenty of other places where riders could see outside the park boundaries... That's why I had to look it up! 3y

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