buuurt Yes. Finally visiting Korea! 3y
  •   ticalleandros When are u going? I'm so excited for you! 3y
  •   buuurt @ticalleandros July. I'm so excited! 3y
  •   chrisp927 Lucky!!! I'm saving now to go, I want to go during cherry blossom next year!!! I've been researching places to stay and things to see, such a beautiful country!!! I'm obsessed with anything Korea, especially Korean dramas!!! Enjoy!!! 3y
  •   buuurt @chrisp927 I'm very excited! I also love KDramas (they started my love for Korea) and I am thrilled to be within such a beautiful country! 3y
  •   chrisp927 @buuurt Hope you have a great time, maybe you can give me some tips and pointers when you get back lol I'm dying to see the "Locks of Love" #namsan 3y
  •   buuurt @chrisp927 Me too! I will def let you know how it goes. :) 3y
  •   ticalleandros @buuurt yay!!! So exciting! How long will you be there for? 3y
  •   buuurt @ticalleandros A little over a month. :) 3y

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