sleepystee Making the most of the daylight with @bert_wootton & @kevperez Now it's time to use the city lights 3y
  •   mikeheikkila Dammit 3y
  •   ttshaquifa Hey nice drank! 3y
  •   sleepystee That crack gurl! @ttshaquifa 3y
  •   greighowitt What pc cable you using? Just a straight pc to pc? I need one for my mamiya cheers 1y
  •   sleepystee Just regular pc to 1.5mm, same thing you'd connect a flash to pw. @greighowitt 1y
  •   greighowitt Thought as much, cheers buddy. Loving you work with the film too some absolute crackers! 1y
  •   sleepystee Thanks, i miss using it as a primary but still love to use it when I can @greighowitt 1y
  •   greighowitt Yeah, digital is sadly the way forward.. But still love film for recreation 1y

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