abc_thinerme eat the rest of the week normal and healthy and begin on monday the 7 may :) #begin #monday #abcdiet #healthy #thinspoo #thin #skinny #beautiful #strengh #workout #hardwork #hardtime #thinsporarion 4y
  •   abc_thinerme hm i don't know summer is for me when it is warm and at the moment it is warm :P @nomorefatass 4y
  •   dolce_luv Good luck! 4y
  •   111111_23 I know you can :) 4y
  •   abc_thinerme thank you :) ! @dolce_luv @_thiner 4y
  •   dolce_luv The only advice I can give u, if u not used to fasting then move ur fast days on weekends when u don't need to do much, at least that's what I did. I moved them to Saturday cause usually the day after I was really weak now after a month it doesn't matter but beginning wasn't easy...;) keep us posted!;) 4y
  •   abc_thinerme mhmmm sounds good :) thank you haha i think i'll do this @dolce_luv :) 4y

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