kevinparrott Best turnout ever for a vert video. 2y
  •   runeglifberg You gotta give him more credit than that. D.Way is an all terrain ripper!!!!! Enjoy the show. Hope you brought tissues :-) 2y
  •   thisiswhitemike Poached my shot 2y
  •   philclutton @kevinparrott my handshake was better your back smith like 2y
  •   annahopson I was surprised that no one mentioned about Type A! 2y
  •   kevinparrott @annahopson or alien workshop or plan b's demise. His snow or Moto career (aside from a quick mention). 2y
  •   kevinparrott @runeglifberg some gnarly stuff in there which I'd never heard before...all the old footage was gold! 2y

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