klamb23 She couldn't control herself when we passer the electronics section in Target early Sun morning & they were playing We Are Young. She had to dance & sing "Tighhhhhttt" (tonight) 3y
  •   klamb23 @jbast25 I guess they love how the words that drag out...toooniggghhhtt.  She sings (jabbers) along to it every time we hear it. Glad we aren't the only ones!  Thank you J!  3y
  •   tmallen71 Lol! yeah, I have one of those right now too! Elizabeth was wild too and now we are approaching the teens! Eek! I keep getting told she is just like her mama. I will keep you updated on how the teen years are. 3y
  •   tmallen71 P.S. be on the look out for something in the mail for Miss Layla. 3y
  •   lizzyobrien24 Lol that is so cute 3y
  •   trastiana  3y
  •   vwcphotography Soooo cute! 3y
  •   coop105 I I just had to tell you that everytime I hear this song I think about this picture! Soooooooo cute!!!! Makes me smile!  3y
  •   klamb23 @coop105 That's awesome!! Glad it gives you a smile 3y

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