•   kellylammm @jjgrootveld thank you Joshua / @bochuu 只係咁岩個日個天靚姐不過都好多謝你 3y
  •   three_jays How was the mainland at the weekend Kelly? All good? Kool pic. X 3y
  •   kellylammm @three_jays It was quite good. The hotel is great and I took lots of photos :-> Just need to find sometime to input all. How about you lan? (Actually should I called you lan haha?) and thank you so much! 3y
  •   three_jays @kellylammm excellent English Kelly, yes please use Ian. It's more personnel! X 3y
  •   three_jays 所以你有什么计划本周末凯利。另一个大陆之旅?是我的中国很好吗? 3y
  •   kellylammm @three_jays lan actually you can type English hahaI may stay at home to have a rest this weekend. how about you? 3y
  •   three_jays Work work work Kelly, all work no play. 3y
  •   kellylammm @three_jays still need to take a rest! 3y

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