candycreep_clouds Made a #paper #wallet for the lady, @stuckatsea to test the waters of selling hand designed paper wallets. #Splattering done with #goauche. Just need to clear coat it. <3 4y
  •   candycreep_clouds She lives #Dexter. So there's an idea behind the design, as there was actually some planning. 4y
  •   k.piris Cool concept! 4y
  •   candycreep_clouds @k_dollaz Thank you very much. 4y
  •   candycreep_clouds @alyssaabrahams I thought of you, since you saw the Dexter influence in random splatters on paper before. 4y
  •   alyssaabrahams @ronaldpilger SWEET!! That's really neat! I loooove it! Hahaha, make meeeeee oneeee?!! :p 4y
  •   candycreep_clouds @alyssaabrahams Any particular design? Because I am going to be designing these and selling them on Etsy. So you'll give me some more practice. 4y
  •   alyssaabrahams @ronaldpilger Surprise me, love! :) You should sell artwork on that site, too! That's a great idea to sell your stuff on that site, I am in loooove with Etsy!! :) I have a snitch necklace from there, and I could easily spend every penny I have on there! Lol. I'm excited for you!! :) 4y
  •   candycreep_clouds @alyssaabrahams Me too! I found it about four/five years ago. I've always wanted to sell on there. And yeah, I plan on selling my artwork on there, too. I'm very close to being ready tell sell my first print on there. And I am going. To sell small 2.5in by 3in original paintings on there too. They're commonly referred to as sketch cards. They're the size of trading Cards. And I'm going to sell them in plastic sleeves likes trading Cards, too. I started one already. The green slimy swamp thing looking one I have a handful of photos of. Also, thank you again. All the encouragement I receive on this Site is so phenomenal. 4y

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