sparkessydney Best park.....fucken Perth!!!! I love ya! 4y
  •   purcho Boyonup! 4y
  •   sophiiieeeeee__ West is best! 4y
  •   sparkessydney @toastedphos oath it is!!! What's good on week nights in Perth ? 4y
  •   sophiiieeeeee__ Wednesday - anywhere in leederville, the garden, the leedy pub, the hip-e club which just happens to be where I work haha. Thursday - Claremont is pretty good or anywhere around the coast. The indi bar in Scarborough is usually pretty packed on a Thursday night for open mike night! Where are you staying? @sparkessydney 4y
  •   sparkessydney @toastedphos dammm tips for days! Cheers! I'm in south Perth but keen to go anywhere really! Where would you recommend tonight? What time do places close ? 4y
  •   sophiiieeeeee__ There's more places to choose from in Claremont on a Thursday night 4y
  •   sophiiieeeeee__ Ahhhh fuckadick my whole comment didn't post. Tonight if you want to party go to leederville, places shut pretty late. Or try places in Northbridge like the bird or Ezra pound, they are a bit more crusiey. Thursday's I prefer the indi, it's a local surf crew crowd & it's pretty relaxed plus there's live music it's just hit or miss to if it's busy. 4y
  •   sparkessydney @toastedphos fuck your killing it thanks so much!!!!! 4y

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