jocrumbs Looking out over Øresund 2y
  •   rhikes85 And no fucking way will I mop that piss up! I was only mopping water, from the toilet tap albeit but water all the same. 2y
  •   jocrumbs It's just too easy and fun to confuse you! @bmyplaym8 2y
  •   rhikes85 Shush you @jocrumbs 2y
  •   rhikes85 Or I'll use some of my LORAX moustache magic to karate chop your ass!! @jocrumbs 2y
  •   jocrumbs You needed the plumber moustache magic! @bmyplaym8 2y
  •   jocrumbs I could do with losing a lot of ass.. so chop it! Chop it good! @bmyplaym8 2y
  •   rhikes85 Nah, I just need crack for that and I've got plenty! Bum crack that is... (__\__) 2y
  •   jocrumbs Don't we all! @bmyplaym8 2y

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