•   taylor_latini I don't know any of you but I know jade ... Lmao I just wish instagram would let me like your comments ! 2y
  •   ckellischuck @taylor_latini haha oh my the comments on this status she wrote was even better! Too bad she deleted them 2y
  •   krystenlanise Haha wowwww! This is hilarious .. 2y
  •   ckellischuck @krystenlanise hahaha I know rite! 2y
  •   kateyobrien How is that funny? That's sad 2y
  •   ckellischuck Because she made it seem like everyone was against her she had a lot of friends just bc 6 girls were rude to her she blames everyone else I was a good friend to her and she claims "noone reached out to her" and then she calls us all drunks I mean come on you can't go blaiming everyone for a few girls and it's a long story what happened and she wasn't all that innocent as she claims she started the whole thing with the girls.. 2y
  •   taylor_latini She almost got me arrested so.shes definetly not innocent lol 2y
  •   ckellischuck @taylor_latini exactly my point she makes herself look like she's always the victim in situations but it's bullshit! 2y

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