thatkidkevindroniak I'm going to italy next week! I have the option to either go to Spain or Paris while I'm in Europe. I cant decide... PARIS OR SPAIN?? 4y
  •   lva_21 !!!! Lucky!!!:b 4y
  •   cuzimwight Paris. My parents chose it over spain and LOVED IT. If u go to paris, see the eiffel tower at night and it has teinkle lights 4y
  •   ktwm1987 I would suggest Spain. 4y
  •   fillitoffee My sister lifes in Paris.....its wonderful...and which City is it in spain! Its beautiful too... 4y
  •   hiccup_x7 Spain (: 4y
  •   srgiovanni Either country has. 4y
  •   par_tayy Paris, duh. There's a town in Paris called saint germain, Paris which I think is super cool bc that's my last name! 3y
  •   par_tayy Omg I just noticed this was like 8 weeks ago... Sorry for creepin. 3y

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