•   j0hnb0y77 Nice 4y
  •   freespirit1969 Thanks @j0hnb0y77 :) 4y
  •   timdog92210 This photograph is absolutely amazing 4y
  •   freespirit1969 Thank you so much @timdog37214 much appreciated :) 4y
  •   bobberdob Glad there wasn't a spider in the photo or I would not have been able to look at the photo. 4y
  •   freespirit1969 @bobberdob you don't like spiders?? 4y
  •   bobberdob Petrified of them ! As a matter of fact, my husband just showed me a photo on his iPhone of a tarantula that was in our garage that he removed and let go in our front yard. I had a hard time looking at it, but he knew better than to call me to see the real thing. 4y

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