•   annettejanine @giuls_wow oh you should totally buy it it's amazing I was shopping in italy this weekend.. in como right beyond the border of switzerland and italy.. Have you ever been there too? 4y
  •   giuliasala95 No, never.. But I know that it's a nice town along the lake :) did you buy something else at kilo? 4y
  •   annettejanine @giuls_wow yes it's very pretty I bought like 8 other bottles of nailpolish, also make up and so much other stuff I should upload a picture of them sometime.. have you ever tried one of the magnetic naillacquer by kiko? 4y
  •   giuliasala95 No because I have one of another brand :) do you use one by kiko? 4y
  •   annettejanine @giuls_wow yes I've got two actually love all the magnetic nails they're just gorgeous 4y
  •   giuliasala95 Post a picture if you want, so that I can see how they are :) 4y
  •   annettejanine @giuls_wow I'll totally do that in a few days 4y
  •   giuliasala95 Thanks 4y

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