thekatvond Au Revoir Los Angeles! Next stop The Big Apple! @gspotla 3y
  •   bru192011 Kat come to italy plz!!!!! I want one of your tattoes!!!!!!! 3y
  •   livepic Bru vacce te in america, cazzo je frega a lei de tatuarte a te! 3y
  •   rosecomunale Cool!!! 3y
  •   achetag Kat..your smile just shines!!! So sick! 3y
  •   edy_rios Kat te vez hermosa!!!! Saludos desde Puerto Rico 3y
  •   trevor___tipton Please check out the kat von d portrait I didI 3y
  •   lau__rg COLOMBIA needs U come I want 6 tattos and U are the best artist!! 3y
  •   mentoburner I need these sunglasses where did you get them from? Or what make are they? 3y

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