panglap Unique combination: golf course on the left, vegetable marketing organization on the right, a public housing estate at the front. 4y
  •   etkeithy 長沙灣? 4y
  •   panglap @etkeithy 對啊這樣你也認得出來 4y
  •   etkeithy 沒認出來...實際上一開始認成是東涌... 我是看上面人寫的,但不確定我有沒有翻對......Good day, dear friend!! 4y
  •   panglap @etkeithy 哈哈,那是我寫的 Have a good day too my friend 4y
  •   etkeithy Have a great weekend, dear Pang!! 我原本真的認成東涌 4y
  •   maddy_di Very nice gallery ! 3y
  •   erin2wright Wow I 3y
  •   erin2wright Just cannot imagine what a fantastic and cultured place to live!!! 3y

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