igsinga •viewing Singapore thru Scottish eyes•credits @kiltedarab•scene 4• 2y
  •   mich8989mich @kiltedarab Amazing 2y
  •   kiltedarab @priscillatan sorry, I don't understand - where do you see tattoo or chocolate tagged? It's neither here nor on the original? 2y
  •   kiltedarab @igsinga do you see the tags referred to by @priscillatan ? I don't see them here or on the original...I agree with her that photos shouldn't be in appropriately tagged, so I'm concerned I'm missing something... 2y
  •   igsinga Hi @kiltedarab, it's the standard template of hashtag which we used to tag the work here. However the tags will be removed inside an hour. It's just to generate more likes. However we will be reviewing the tagging system as in the past, we hv 5 sets of tags to use. N every photo will re 2y
  •   igsinga Require* 5 hours of follow and it is quite tedious. Now that we have more followers, we will be removing the amount of hashtags we use. The main reason was it won't look nice initially to have too few likes for our work. Thus we had to have as many hashtag as possible. I'm sorry if it offended you. But things will change in the future:) hope u can understand why we had to do this in the past. Thank you my friend @kiltedarab! 2y
  •   kiltedarab @igsinga ah, no worries - tha is for the explanation - have a great day! 2y
  •   urvibheda @simransujan check out this instagram account. You'd love it! 5mon

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