kill_the_music I'm starting flashback Monday...this was a rad day! 4y
  •   amosadds Ha to funny 4y
  •   bennydtd This day was special, they didn't sell rum so matt and me had to drink double strength vodka blacks all day. Needless to say I spewed like a warrior 4y
  •   shanecollins Haha!! Fuck yeah. Alex mainstay filled in on bass for us and we covered Knapsack. Parkway and Amity, that would sell 10,000 tickets now. Poop cam!! 4y
  •   bigchaseinlittlechina Gnarly show was gnarly 4y
  •   kill_the_music Cam was onto a good thing... 4y
  •   kill_the_music Everyone probaly had @joeldtd designed t-shirts for sale. 4y
  •   misshavok This was such a good day! I also have this poster in my collection somewhere. :) 4y
  •   arti.facts @kill_the_music wow I went to this one seems like so long ago 3y

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