colorbyspiegel I went to my favorite car wash today! #HipstaRoll_Week48 #Hipstamatic #HelgaViking #Dylan 4y
  •   debmarq With a sign that cool, it would have to be great. 4y
  •   colorbyspiegel @debmarq you are correct! I'll try to post more pics! 4y
  •   colorbyspiegel @zarakphoto Check it out! I think this is cousins with your car wash in NJ! 4y
  •   zarakphoto I think they were too Steve. I was doing a little research after I took my photo, and found old pics of both of ours. Mine also had the corrugated stand but was spackled over. Also, mine had the lower case letters which they changed, the neon bullet holes in Wash were patched up, and there used to be bulbs in the arrow which were also patched up. I love your sign. 4y

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