phatchi Setting up for #skillsusa #pensacola #civiccenter #stateconference #florida - djing in front of over 5000 members!!! 3y
  •   phatchi @xchriz thanks Chris @lindizzle93 thanks boo it's all about knowing people too. Miss you too how is everything? @huynhoa thanks boo! Remember our moment in skills? Lmao @_jujuu it was good seeing you!! See u again tonight! 3y
  •   lindizzle93 @phatchi I'm so happy for you!! Girl it's the same thing for me everyday! School&Work but oh well it's life! I'm soooo happy to see you making it big like seriously!!!! Lol I know I keep repeating myself but I just am!! Love you chi! 3y
  •   huynhoa Lol those weird looking uniforms. Haha 3y
  •   phatchi @lindizzle93 awww thanks babe. Yea this is the biggest event I've ever done. You can't say a lot of people have done this type of event. So I'm honor to do it! Lol love you too boo. @huynhoa Hahahaha yea! And us taking pictures being bored! Lmao. Remember in HOSA we was rooming together and the house keeping lady made a heart on our bed! Lmao!! Good times! Miss u em! 3y
  •   lindizzle93 Lol someone need to record it do I can act like i have a live show at home xD 3y
  •   phatchi @lindizzle93 there's gonna be a DVD made. :) but yes someone will record it. 3y
  •   lindizzle93 @phatchi lol alrighty let me know whatsup! 3y
  •   phatchi @lindizzle93 fa sho 3y

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