baliplatform So so cute!!!! On sale now 4y
  •   juicy_pussy @bahagiajewellery oh, and the one with amazonite is also 7? Thank you! 4y
  •   baliplatform That one got sold before I read your comment, sorry!!! It was a 7 also. Please let me know about the stack ring and don't forget to enter the giveaway see my latest post Thankyou!!!!@juicy_pussy 4y
  •   juicy_pussy I will take the stack rings for sure! In couple of hours, when I get home. Should I simply purchase them on the website? You mentioned that you've reserved them for me. 4y
  •   baliplatform @juicy_pussy great!! They are gorgeous you will love them I'm sure. It's reserved for you. Yes, just proceed with a normal purchase please. Thanks for the support!!! xxx 4y
  •   juicy_pussy @bahagiajewellery I've just purchased them. Would you give me a tracking number after the dispatch? 4y
  •   baliplatform @juicy_pussy thank you!!! My first purchase to Russia!!! Will send you the tracking number tomorrow. Thanks again xxxx 4y
  •   jmkaup @bahagiajewellery OMG! Beautiful! 4y
  •   damnpink Nice! I want 3y

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