imchasingdreamz New Music! On Youtube right now! Search AMess-Crew Love and This remix will Premier on Hitz 102.3Fm on the DJ Lisandro Show! (California Radio Station) i need everyone to search it on youtube! And download it , this my channel name just incase you need it to search "OfficialAMessTV" 3y
  •   mc_records It sounds pretty good. The singer sounds a tiny bit like J. Holiday  You got a super good rap voice & nice tone where you could go in or keep it smooth & flow was good! "That's the day I live, That's the day I'm free...Life is so deep, but deeper when you dig." Fav lines, Keep it up!  3y
  •   abu_kondo BRO YOU KILLED IT I SWEAR. . .That track be my ringtone. . .and niggah u selfmade this is yo turn AMess is tha name! 3y
  •   imchasingdreamz @instaj0hnnx21 ha thanks ma bro appreciate it download it ! 3y
  •   imchasingdreamz @nina673 thanks love!! Appreciate it. Alot make sure to download it ! & @mc_records thanks! For the love n support! N ya i thought the singer sounded like trey songz a lil! 3y
  •   imchasingdreamz @abu_kondo thanks ma g! Appreciate the support! Let all ur ppl no! N download it for free! 3y
  •   mc_records Welcome & yea I was gonna say he sounded like both but just wrote one lol  3y
  •   comeseechrista Write me a beautiful song 3y
  •   cutthemierda Strictly hip-hop???never any r&b hooks? 3y

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